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Our vision is a happier world where emotionally intelligent communications and gifts foster deeper, more meaningful relationships.

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Our vision is a happier world filled with thoughtful, emotionally-intelligent communications and gifts.

  • Create, send and receive time-locked wishes
  • Never miss a birthday, anniversary or life event
  • Ensure a lifetime of wisdom, comfort and love
  • Leave your legacy for future generations
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Put the love in the wishes and you lock it all up!



Create Your Wish

  • Write your thoughts
  • Record voice, video, or pic
  • Import from Facebook
  • Upload favorite memories
  • Choose a layout
  • Touch up with Adobe Editor
  • Search premium GettyImages


Schedule Unlock Date

  • Choose your unlock date or
  • Select an annual holiday
  • Schedule decades in minutes
  • Keep life event wishes unlocked
  • Set sharing permissions
  • Let recipients set unlock date


Send & Receive

  • Wish Vault – manage wishes
  • Inbox – wishes you receive
  • Outbox – wishes you send
  • Track your recipient(s) status
  • Edit content at anytime
  • Update recipient emails
Create Free Wishes Now

Fun. Easy. Fast. Secure. Free.

Never Miss a Special Day

Send your best wishes for every special occasion - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Life Events. Create wishes now and schedule for loved ones to cherish later. Make decades of wishes in minutes - fun, easy, FREE!

What is Lifetime Wishes?

Lifetime Wishes is the Responsible Way to Show You Care

Imagine a happier world through thoughtful and emotionally-intelligent communications and gifts. A world where we all can easily express love, feel loved, stay connected and be remembered.

Kids need their parents, at all ages. Spouses need their significant others. Families need each other. All need friends. The world needs Lifetime Wishes – the world’s first platform that facilitates the creation and automated exchange of thoughtful messages and gifts.

Lifetime Wishes gives you simple-to-use tools and templates to custom-create beautiful, personalized and meaningful sentiments.

  • Create, schedule and share thoughtful ecards, letters and video messages
  • Record a video, sing a song, upload memories, write letters
  • Schedule decades of recurring wishes in minutes to edit at anytime
  • Manage, accept, reject and edit wishes at anytime in your Wish Vault
  • Communicate on a deeper level with customizable templates
  • Provide a lifetime of well-wishes, guidance and comfort for loved ones

Want to give advice or recount baby memories to your baby granddaughter to open on her 16th Birthday? Done! Want to send wedding wishes for your engaged son and daughter-in-law to unlock every anniversary?  They will treasure every wish!

Experience a whole new world of communications that form deeper, more meaningful relationships.  Share heartfelt wishes with family and friends –today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

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Send your love over and over, year after year… forever and always.

Fun. Easy. Fast. Secure. Free.

About Lifetime Wishes

Lifetime Wishes holds the world’s heart in its hands.  It is a brand-new platform, however, the idea itself is a 20-year evolution of its founder and CEO, Jennifer Uhll’s life-long influences – from family and parental experiences to entrepreneurial and humanitarian endeavors.

In 1997, Jennifer Uhll handed out 26 blank cards at her sister’s baby shower.  Every year, her niece, Isabelle, loves the chance to open a message revealing a never-before-seen birthday wish from loved ones – ranging from older siblings to her late great grandmother. Each card is the gift of a lifetime.

The concept of Lifetime Wishes grew exponentially after Jennifer became a mother.  She wanted a solution to provide her kids a lifetime of family-connections, emotional-security and a happier world.

With that, Jennifer decided to build a platform that truly cares about improving the world’s overall emotional well-being.  A solution that helps people communicate on a more authentic level and where no loved one is left behind.

The result? was born to help you share your love, stay connected and guarantee a lifetime of  YOU.

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