Share Your Life, Love, and Memories with Those Who Matter

Lifetime Wishes provides a fun, heartwarming, and lasting way to send messages to your adult children. You can share your life story, memories of their childhood, or ongoing advice as they face life’s milestones. And indeed, the chance to reach out to their children at any stage of life is one of the main reasons people choose to send Wishes.

But many other people in your circle would undoubtedly appreciate and benefit from your wit and wisdom, too. Consider the following loved ones who might enjoy receiving daily, weekly, or monthly Wishes from you. Then let these prompts guide you as you open your heart, share your thoughts, and tell your stories to those who care about you.

1 – Send Wishes to Your SPOUSE

As you send your children daily advice or revisit and remind them of fond memories, you’ll also want your spouse to know your love remains strong. Relive the best years of your lives together in the form of videos, pictures, and short stories.

Consider conveying your thoughts and feelings about the following milestone events:

  • Share a collection of photos from when your child (or children) were first born
  • Share a snippet of your wedding video—perhaps the first dance or your first kiss as husband and wife
  • Write a short, fun story about your favorite vacation together

2 – Send a Daily “I love you” Wish to a PARENT

A daily “I love you” Wish can help a parent start every day with a smile. Can’t find the words? Consider starting your Lifetimes Wishes with these sentiments, using these prompts to share fond memories from your childhood and to remind your parent of their best traits and the best parts of your relationship over the years.

  • I love you because….
  • I always loved it when you….
  • I loved the time when we….

3 – Share Your Best Advice with Your SIBLING

There are few people who think of you quite the way a sibling does. You share the same parents and the same upbringing—which probably gives you the same frame of reference on many matters. Yet you’re probably also as different as can be.

Your sibling will no doubt enjoy being the recipient of your perpetual wisdom. Consider sending Unlocked Life Event Wishes to be opened at different times during your sibling’s life.

For instance:

  • A wish to open if they’re feeling rejected
  • Light-hearted jokes or advice to read after a bad break-up
  • A Wish to celebrate that new job

Share Your Life Story with Everyone You Love

Consider different versions of your life story—capturing different anecdotes, philosophies, and memories—for each special person in your life.

Share your love with a Lifetime Wish:
Start telling your stories now.