Because Little Things Matter The Most

You have the power to make others smile and feel loved in ways that are simple, sweet, and impactful. A little goes a long way, and these four Lifetime Wishes will do just that to help you spread joy!

1 – “I Love You” Wishes
While you may be thinking it all the time, telling a loved one how much you care will surely make them feel special. Send a daily message of love that conveys something you admire about them.  Switch up the loving sentiment with a photo of a memorable moment spent together, a sentence or two about an inside joke, or even a social media-inspired hashtag like #LoveYouForeverAndEternity can sweetly affirm just how much they mean to you.

2 – “Inspirational” Wishes
There’s always something inspiring to share, from a motivational quote you found online to a mantra your grandmother used to tell you. A kind thought, positive perspective, or moving memory can transform someone’s life for the better! Encourage recipients to share your wish with others who would benefit from reading them too, and watch the momentum take off.

3 – “Wisdom” Wishes
They say “It takes a village…” so pass along what you’ve learned from your own experiences to the younger generation. Even if your personal achievements don’t perfectly align with what others are going through, your stories give encouragement. Share what you enjoyed doing at certain ages, give tips on how to approach conflicts in life, and let them know that even if at first they don’t succeed, every step will make them stronger and wiser.

4 – “Surprise” Wishes
There’s nothing like the element of surprise to make a thoughtful wish even sweeter. Send a loved one a message via with a surprise unlock date so the recipient not only knows you’re thinking about them at that moment, but in the days or weeks (or more) to come. Just like the feeling kids have before their birthday or the holiday season, children and adults alike will stir with eager excitement until the day they can unlock your special surprise!

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