With Lifetime Wishes, you can leverage the power of video to send your Mom an emotionally powerful message. Recording a Mother’s Day video allows you to take advantage of this digital format. Through video, you can communicate the most moving and sincere messages to your recipients. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, there is no person more deserving of a thoughtful video than mom. And you can easily do it with Lifetime Wishes.

If you’re not feeling creative and don’t know what to record in your Mother’s Day video, here are 5 heart-moving ideas. They will surely cause your mom to happily tear up this May:

  1. Mom Questions: Get the camera rolling, and ask your kids and family members to answer a series of questions about mom. The results are so adorable and soul-moving that the ingenuity of this kind of impromptu video can’t be matched. When everyone is done, put all the answers together, and upload it to Lifetime Wishes as your Mother’s Day Video card.
  2. Mom Through Time: Going off of the first idea, ask your children why mom is so wonderful and why they feel that way, every year, while they grow up. Create a video that is a compilation of their thoughts and feelings over the years, making it that much more special and unique when mom finally sees it 10-years from now. You can watch it altogether as a family event.
  3. Poetry: Writing a poem about mom and having the kids recite it is as infectiously adorable as it gets today. Take the time to write something cute and clever about mom, and if you find that you can’t, look up free poetry templates online. Sit the kids down and hand them the poem on camera. Sit back, and watch the magic unfold.
  4. Unscripted: Sometimes, just letting the kids go crazy can be its own kind of experience. Children have an imagination we don’t as adults, so recording them on the topic of “mom” can result in some pretty hilarious monologues that last minutes. Throw the ball into your kid’s court and see what they come up with.
  5. Mom’s Perspective: If you’re a mom reading this, and want to prepare for the day when your daughters are moms, you can send your own Mother’s Day Video, recording yourself talking about what your children mean to you. It will take everyone by surprise, adding an interactive and heart-warming element to the day of motherly love and appreciation.

Record or Upload a Video with Lifetime Wishes 

Give mom a memory she’ll never forget on Mother’s Day. Through video, you can describe how much mom means to you and the kids, what her existence does for each and every one of you, and how you plan to honor and cherish her in the years to come. And for the moms out there, show the ones you breathed life into that they mean the world to you.


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