Celebrating a love that lasts a lifetime

Create and schedule wishes for your significant other to receive love throughout their entire life — and always be close to their hearts.

Plan “Anniversary” Wishes Never miss an anniversary. Before your special wedding day, you can plan video wishes to be sent every anniversary. Provide your significant other with a lifetime of anniversary wishes from not only you…but also from all family and friends. Have everyone create wishes for special anniversaries, 1-year, 5-year, 10-year… and beyond.

Send a Daily “I Love You” Wish
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell your significant other that you love them every single day, no matter where you are? Imagine them hearing you say “I Love You” every day, for the rest of their entire life! Schedule a personalized wish to be sent directly to your loved one’s inbox daily and bring a smile to his or her face each morning.

Send “Memory” Wishes Remembering Your Life Together
Capture special moments in time through photos and video, then schedule them to be delivered to your significant other 20 years from now. Imagine their delight as they send open a wish with a picture or video of you both on your first date.

Plan “Birthday” Wishes in Advance
Never miss a birthday! Before the busy world of life makes you forget, plan wishes to be sent every year.  Provide your loved one a lifetime of loving thoughts you on his or her special day – just in case. They will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and love knowing that have their special day covered for life.

Provide “Life Event” Wishes for a Lifetime
Be there during your loved one’s happiest — and hardest — moments…especially when you can no longer be here. As a partner and significant other, it can be difficult finding the perfect words for these situations. Take your time to think it over and share your thoughts, comfort, and support regarding specific life events. Record your videos and leave wishes unlocked for your significant other to open as needed.

For instance, you can send a Lifetime Wish for your loved one to view when he or she:

  • wants your viewpoint on specific issues with raising the kids
  • needs your support and encouragement
  • achieves a lifelong dream
  • is grieving the loss of you

Use Lifetime Wishes to Stay in Love
LifetimeWishes.com makes it easy to create a lifetime of wishes for your significant other. Just upload photos and videos, express your love, and we’ll take care of the rest, helping you stay connected with loved ones forever.

Start sending Lifetime Wishes now!