If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Each year when Valentine’s Day rolls around, we try our best to communicate our affection and our love to our significant others in a way that is memorable and heartfelt. For those who aren’t naturally creative, or others without a ton of free-time to really brainstorm, it can be hard to come up with new and meaningful ways to wish our special sweethearts a happy Valentine’s Day.

Thankfully, with our Lifetime Wishes platform, thoughtfulness takes only 5-minutes – yet it lasts a lifetime. You can send the gift of your lifetime in just minutes. Utilizing either or eCards, messages, or videos, you can pre-record yourself or write something down, schedule its delivery, and sit back while the most heartfelt thing you have ever done awaits your significant other.

If you’re ready to own Valentine’s Day this year, here are 5 tips to create a video wish for your significant other:

Brainstorm 3 of Your Happiest Memories Together

This is a quick and easy way to record a memorable video. Think up your 3 fondest memories with your significant other and talk about them in your video. Touch on the details, the scenery at the time, and how it made you feel.

Write Them Down

Have a list ready when it’s time to start rolling. That way, you can easily talk about the memories in a conversational way without any awkward pauses. Make some bullet points to fill the in-between details in case you’re someone who gets nervous on camera.


We recommend a 30 to 60 second video, although you are free to pick whichever length suits you. Try and make it short, sweet, and to the point, while also communicating your affection.

Be Authentic

Don’t be scripted! Do not write down an entire script before you start recording. Just glance at your points and talk off the cuff. Your significant other will appreciate your vulnerability and will find the gesture so much more alluring through the genuine base.

Say I Love You

When it’s time to wrap up the video, remember to say I Love You at the end, and smile for 3-seconds before you end the video. Abrupt endings can sometimes negatively impact how amazing and enticing the video just was. Also remember to go slow, breathe, and look right into the camera.

Make Valentine’s Day 2018 Special

Feel like you’re ready to record your Valentine’s Day loving video wish this year? Don’t let the camera intimidate you. Pretend you are right there in the room with your significant other, telling them all the things you’re always thinking. Brainstorm, do your homework, and write down some notes that will make the video as free-flowing as possible. Don’t script or pre-record yourself. Let the words flow. And as always, remember to say I Love You with the biggest smile you can possibly muster up.

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