Billions of people around the world will be writing down their New Years Resolutions over the next few weeks, determined to turn over a new leaf once 2018 rolls around. It’s the perfect time to tell ourselves we’re going to eat better, workout more, and spend more time with our families than year’s prior. However, according to the Huffington Post, of those resolutions, only 8 percent of people will actually follow through with their New Year’s dreams, making the holiday wholly unimportant every single year.

For the majority of people who can’t stick to New Year’s Resolutions, they need a little motivation to get the job done. Through Lifetime Wishes, you can schedule videos of yourself for viewing 1-year from now, really inspiring you to stick to your goals for the year ahead.

Here are the top 2018 New Years Resolutions and how you can achieve them for yourself next year:


Everyone dreams of getting into shape, exercising more on a daily basis. But, like everything, it’s easier said than done. With Lifetime Wishes, you can reward yourself for shedding pounds by next New Years, promising yourself a special treat if you’re able to meet the goal by the time you open up your scheduled recording for New Years 2019.

Eating Right

Like fitness, eating healthy is one of the first things out the window when our life gets hectic and unmanageable. However, through meal planning, you can stay on top of your snacking and munching at work. While you’re thinking about it now, pre-record yourself making 4 different healthy meals with a quarter yearly delivery scheduling to yourself. Come April, a video of yourself cooking a delicious arugula and sweet potato salad will drop into your inbox, inspiring you to stick to your healthy eating plan.

Family Time

Many people regret how little time they get to spend with their family because of jobs or remote positions. If you’re afraid of the traveling staring you down for 2018, record monthly videos for your children with a new piece of advice or wisdom for them to follow while you’re gone. Though you might not be physically around, your children will look forward to these video treats in your absence.

Time Management

Sometimes, we all need to slow down and go easier on ourselves. Write notes to yourself or someone else you care about throughout the year that just simply say “Make sure you do something that makes you happy today!” or “At the end, everything will be ok. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end!” Randomly select their delivery dates. Sometime in 2018, you could be having a terrible day when all the sudden a note to yourself pops up in your wish vault. It’ll help you to keep up with 208 in a positive way, or help brighten someone’s day!

New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly hard to keep. Scheduling videos and messages for your future self, family, and friends to keep everyone more connected, and most importantly, to keep yourself happy and motivated throughout the year ahead is possible on Lifetime Wishes.

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