Mother’s Day is the day in which we stop what we’re doing to join in celebration and appreciation of moms. After all, they are the people who make everything possible and they very well deserve a Mother’s Day gift. The American tradition started by Anna Jarvis in 1908. Jarvis founded the “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to teach local women how to properly care for their children. Shortly after in 1868, Jarvis organized “Mother’s Friendship Day”. On this day, mothers gathered with former Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation. After years of collaboration with other pioneers in the field of women’s rights, Jarvis’ holiday came to pass at the turn of the century. Mother’s Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914, declared to fall on the second Sunday in May.

Jarvis wasn’t a fan of how quickly commercialized the day became, glorifying it with flowers, cards, and other gifts. However, Mother’s Day nevertheless caught on. It is now celebrated in different ways all around the world.

Present Day Mother’s Day

If you want to show mom how much she means to you today, you need to go creative. We have some ideas that may be worthy of the woman your mother is to you and your family. As Jarvis had envisioned for every woman, Mother’s Day is about thoughtfulness. Therefore, ditch the generic grocery store cards that are overpriced and carry no meaning.

Personal Touch: Jarvis wanted Mother’s Day to be personal. She wanted it to be a day we celebrate how we see fit. In which we honor our own unique mother. To her, buying something at the grocery store didn’t do the day justice. It’s supposed to come from the heart, and glorify the women that work so hard to keep our families safe and supported today.

Generic Attempt: That means that candy bars, fake flowers, and pre-ordered cards from websites with the same meanings on them is not the essence of Mother’s Day in the slightest. It’s a cop-out, feeding into the commercialization of the day as opposed to reflecting on mothers and what they do for everyone. To Jarvis, a hand-drawn, poorly written card that comes from you and you alone is more inline with the holiday spirit than glorified candies and flowers.

Lifetime Wishes Video Book

Through our Lifetime Wishes platform, you can tell mom what she means, right through a video screen. Instead of buying something that 10,000 other people are going to gift to their moms, you can pick out your own custom message, and of course, record video that communicates exactly what you want to say to mom. You can recite her a poem, simply tell her how much she means to you, or get all of your siblings together for a big group sit-down that will really wow mom. Whatever you do, choose to make it personal this Mother’s Day. Make it matter with Lifetime Wishes.


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