Do you ever stop and take a moment to reflect on the kind of legacy you want to leave the world? Do you ever wish you could keep supporting your friends and family even if you’re not here? It’s completely natural for us as humans to consider this kind of trail we leave in our wake. The one that those after us can remember us by. Our time on this earth is short and fleeting, reason why it’s never too soon to start considering your life legacy.

As a topic that graces so many of our minds, it’s highly depicted in movies and media today. Leaving messages and advice to loved ones after we are gone is something heart wrenchingly beautiful. And it makes for a good movie, too.

Are you in the mood to delve into the emotions surrounding legacies? Do you need inspiration on how to leave your own legacy? Here are some of the best movies to watch regarding life legacies that matter:

  1. My Life Without Me: A movie following a 23-year-old mother who receives devastating medical news, she makes a list of what she wants to accomplish before she’s gone. On that list is wishing her two daughters happy birthday up through their 18th birthdays. She records her own Lifetime Wishes for the years to come, but using 90s technology: cassette tapes.
  2. Gleason: Diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Steve Gleason decides he wants to pass on as much of himself as he can before he’s gone. Despite the diagnosis, Gleason is about believing your future is bigger than your past. Even when you may not have one. He records himself with messages for his kids to hear years from now. A real life story, Gleason showcases the power of planning emotional support ahead.
  3. The Ultimate Gift: A deceased billionaire leaves his grandson a series of odd tasks to perform in order to receive “the ultimate gift” by the time he is done. Almost like a scavenger hunt, the Ultimate Gift shows the power we can have through our legacy after we are no longer here. You don’t need to be physically present to deliver a present.
  4. The Bucket List: Plan for the expected – that’s what two terminally ill men, dying from cancer do in the Bucket List. Who says death has to be sad and scary? These two head out on a road trip with a wish list of everything they want to do before they die. Do you have a bucket list of what you’d say to your loved ones?

Lifetime Wishes

Life sentences don’t have to be the end of us. With Lifetime Wishes, you can pre-record yourself, write notes and cards. Then schedule their delivery to the special people in your life. If you want to wish your children happy birthday for the rest of their lives – you can. If you want to make a scavenger hunt in the wake of your passing, do it! And if you want to plan for the unexpected, let the important people in your life know how much you love them, no matter what.

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