Yes, every single year of your childhood is critical to happiness and sustained success in life as an adult. There’s no doubt about it. However, the first five years are considered to be the most important by scientists and psychologists alike.

These first five years of childhood are when one becomes the person they are going to be. It’s when children learn behaviors, boundaries, empathy, and other social skills that are important during adulthood. Studies confirm that even the first three years of one’s childhood are critical to the development of the child’s brain and brain architecture. More amazingly, children learn more quickly during these early years than at any other point in their lives.

Even though we don’t have a recollection of the first five years of our lives as adults, these were the years in which you were molded to be the person you are today. Think of how powerful that is?

Although these years may flash by before your very eyes, there are ways – thanks to technology – to immortalize the memories and share the experiences with your children when they reach adulthood. Here are a few ways in which you can leverage Lifetime Wishes for those special, formative years:

  1. Birthdays: Take the time to record your child’s first five birthdays through Lifetime Wishes. Once the recording is complete, you can schedule the birthday video wish for when they turn 30-years-old, to be delivered directly to them. At that point, they may be celebrating their own little one’s first birthday. The memory will make the entire experience incredibly special.
  2. School plays: Though not many of us grow up to be theatre stars, nothing is cuter than little kids in their first school plays. Record your children’s first school plays in our platform, and schedule the delivery on their graduation day. They can proudly show the world how much they have grown and how cutely they belted out all of the song and dance numbers.
  3. Favorite things: Every kid has their favorite activities. Take pictures of your children drawing, dancing, running, singing, or doing whatever they love to do. Add a message to the picture about what you predict they will become when they grow up. Go into detail about how talented and passionate they are, and how proud it makes you. Schedule the delivery for when they turn 22 and start looking for their first job.
  4. Bedtime Stories: Immortalize the most precious moments, like bedtime stories. Record your voice, send the audio along with a message to remind your kids that you will always be by their side – no matter what.

Lifetime Wishes

Scheduling these kinds of memories, videos, and photos will ensure your love and endearment lives on long after you, providing your children with a warmth and security blanket of protection. The first five years of a child’s life are so special – capture them forever with a Lifetime Wish today.