For some cultures around the world, Christmas Eve is more important and traditional than Christmas Day itself. Characterizing heritage, customs, and local traditions that have been with cultures for centuries, Christmas Eve traditions are robust and colorful in variety, ranging from happy to scary folktales that come to define the peoples of each worldly region.

For example, in Italy, Agnone celebrates the Carnevale Agnonese, a festival that includes the Ndocciata procession, where people take the streets with wooden torches. Believed to ward off witches, children come out carrying small fires, making a long line of flames that protects the town. In Lithuania, a massive familial meal consisting of 12 different dishes is prepared for the family, with no dairy or hot foods allowed. For colder regions, like Finland, Christmas Eve is about remembering ancestors with candles, followed by jumping in a sauna with family members to remember the happier, lighter memories of relatives past.

If you’re intent on starting your own family tradition this year, now is the perfect time to start making the family traditions with Lifetime Wishes:

Video Dominoes

With Lifetime Wishes, you can start a video tradition that requires everyone at your Christmas Eve dinner table to record a video for unlocking next year’s Christmas Eve. Everyone has to participate and make their own video, discussing what Christmas Eve with your family means to them. After watching them all, the following Eve is unlocked with a new set of videos that will come to characterize your holiday.

Christmas Eve Secret Santa

Everyone has heard of the classic secret Santa played with exchanged cards today, but how about making it an interactive, multi-generational game that can be played with your present and future family members? Instead of playing one secret Santa each holiday season, you can play it over a 5-year span, with demonstrations scheduled for your secret Santa recipient a few years from now.

Recipe Exchanges

You can play a game where you predict what types of recipes each family member is going to pre-record for Christmas Eve before you get to actually see it. The winner then gets the next year off, free from cooking duty.

Anonymous eCards

You can also send anonymous eCards to family members, awarding gifts to the individuals who are able to guess their eCard sender the quickest. Perhaps require one hint or riddle be required so each person has a chance to guess their sender. Repeat the tradition every single year.

The best part of the holidays is sharing in family traditions, whether they are new or old. With Lifetime Wishes, you can make a new family tradition this Christmas Eve, kick-starting a special process that will be cherished by your children and your children’s children. Not to mention, you can have long distance family members join in the fun through our videos, eCards, photos, and special messages, emailed directly to recipients.

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