Using Colors with Words in Greeting Cards to Convey Heartfelt Wishes

When we send loved ones greeting cards, messages, and online sentiments, words have power. With the addition of color, wishes for the recipient become even more impactful. When crafting sentiments, consider color to reflect the mood and message you wish to communicate. The result is subtle, yet shows you put effort into creating greeting cards that stimulates the senses.

Choosing Color: Think Tone–Words and Shades

Depending on the occasion, use a color that matches the tone of the milestone. Craft your greeting cards in the heart warming hue, and you’ll be inspired to create a note that vibes off the color.

  • Reds: Perfect for love on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings. Hearts, flowers, and smiling lips will bring a smile to your recipient’s lips too.
  • Pastels: Soft, sentimental, and sweet. Use pastels for new babies, infant birthday celebrations, condolences, and “thinking of you” cards. Pale pinks, yellows, and blues are tender and touching—like your wishes.
  • Neon: Let’s celebrate! Choose dynamic neons when the spirit of spectacular is in the air. Kids’ birthdays, graduations, and new homes… all festive and fun.
  • Black & white: Always classy. You can’t lose with black and white if you’re on the fence about color. Elegant and clean, black and white is never distracting, allowing your wishes to stand out.

Consider the Recipient: What’s His or Her Taste?

Color doesn’t always need to coincide with occasion. Go with the flow and think about who you’re sending your sentiment to. Examples as a stepping stone:

  • Nature lover: Go with greens for gardens and blues for clear skies and oceans. Does your recipient have a favorite flower? Use those colors as the basis of your sentiment.
  • Glitz and glam: For the friend who’s into the finer things, go with gold/silver hues that shine as brightly as they do. The sparkle will stand out and give your message that “wow factor.”
  • Beach bum: Have a beach-loving friend who adores sand between their toes and rays of sunshine against their skin? Use yellows and oranges to create a sunny sentiment.
  • Young at heart: Whether the recipient is young in years or youthful in their mind, colors like bubblegum pink, lime green, purples, and turquoise will keep your message light as they enjoy these perky shades.

Lifetime Wishes – Schedule Greeting Cards and Never Miss a Key Date

Craft your message with purpose as you match sentiments with colors. If the colors are upbeat, make your wishes spunky and light-hearted. When you opt for something softer, keep your message sensitive and touching. Lifetime Wishes lets you design your own greeting cards, using your own photos or our emotionally-intelligent templates to truly express your emotions to your loved ones.

Let the colors sink in before writing your wishes and see how the power of color will influence your words. Your recipient will notice the balance and attention to detail. Color is the catalyst to creativity!

Start writing Lifetime Wishes now: Begin a conversation that will continue for generations to come.