You might not realize it, but your day-to-day behavior, how you treat people, what you choose to say on the phone, and the tone of voice you use during these interactions are impacting your children. Psychologists refer to this kind of influence as parent socialization, occurring when children observe their parents to develop their necessary communication skills for their everyday lives. Parents influence their child’s social skills both directly and indirectly, through the management of their child’s activities.

Essentially, you are your child’s first teacher, and although they become independent as they age into adulthood, how they come to process life events, relationships, job promotions, etc. is ultimately influenced by how they saw you do it first. That role never really stops, simply shifting gears as your child becomes a functioning adult in today’s world.

That’s a lot of pressure!

It’s part of the beauty of parenting. If you want to do something about your communication to your children and how it may or may not be impacting them today, here are a few ways to cherish your relationships with your children using Lifetime Wishes:

  1. Newborns: Your kids are going to have their own kids one day – it’s the circle of life. Pre-recording a message designed just for that moment when their child is born is something truly unique and simplistically special. You have all the tips and tricks of the book on raising a child, which is why you should communicate this expertise to your kids after you.
  2. How to Be Happy: As adults, we know that everlasting happiness isn’t a daily reality. Events can be sad, bad things can happen, and setbacks can befall us. By now, you’ve developed your coping system for dealing with these kinds of setbacks, and you should share that wisdom with your children. Make a series of eCards that offers up a new piece of advice for being happy. Maybe even write a song about it and send it in a video.
  3. First Job Celebrations: Landing our first job is a huge accomplishment in our lives. It means we are being accepted into society as a hardworking adult. You want your kids to feel cherished when they accomplish this feat, which is why you should send a Lifetime Wish the second you hear the good news. Let them know how proud you are, even if you can’t share it with them in that exact moment.
  4. Coping: We all have to endure the loss of a loved one at one point or another in our lives. Nothing is more heartbreaking and difficult to process. As a parent, you’ve had to deal with more loss than your children have, which means you’re particularly qualified to share your tips for processing the grief. Record a sentimental video in which you pour out your heart to your children – they will never forget it.

Lifetime Wishes

Communication is what connects us. It’s especially critical to open lines of communication up between you and your children. One way to do that, from anywhere in the world, is by sending a Lifetime Wish this year.


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