Sure, saying I love you carries a lot of meaning for both you and your partner. Arriving at the conclusion that you are in love is a beautiful and scary adventure, one that opens so many doors for your life ahead. Every year when Valentine’s Day rolls around, it’s a chance for you to publicly proclaim that love you keep inside every day, letting your person know they are the one for you.

If you feel incredibly strongly about your partner, generic Valentine’s Day cards and chocolates from the store just won’t cut it. You want to show that your love is special; your love is unique. Cookie-cutter products can’t possibly come close to describing what you feel on a daily basis. Enter Lifetime Wishes: providing you with the ability to send loving wishes of a variety of mediums to the person you love. Whether they’re near or far, you can send them a card, a poem, a video, or a combination of everything to proclaim the love in your heart.

Here are just a few creative ways to leverage Lifetime Wishes to say I Love You for Valentine’s Day 2018:

Record Yourself

Nothing is as personal and genuine as a self-recorded video from you to your special person. Recording a video opens you up, making you vulnerable in a way that your partner will lovingly appreciate it. You can consider reciting a poem, singing a song, or just talking, out loud, about how much you love your partner. You can even make it interactive and record your friends and family in the video talking about how much you really do love your sweetheart.


No, you don’t have to be a poet to write a poem for your person. You can search around the Internet, or just give it your best go. Anything that is unique and original to you will be exponentially more romantic than the generic poems that come with pre-made Valentine’s Day cards. If you feel you’ve hit writers block, check out these notoriously romantic poets:

  1. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  2. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  3. E. Cummings
  4. Robert Burns
  5. Ogden Nash


Every relationship is different, and only you know what will be the most special for your sweetie. For some, that’s asking questions, important questions, that require a cute response. Whether you ask them in writing or in video, you can set up a clever way to receive your answers. Maybe if the answer is “yes,” your video can end with “then meet me at X in 2-hours.” It’ll add a vintage loving characteristic that we don’t seem to have in the 21st century anymore. You can make it a series, too, with scheduled loving wishes for 10 Valentine’s Days after this one.

Lifetime Wishes

Ensure that you’re sending a lifetime of loving wishes to the one who rocks your world this year. Use Valentine’s Day 2018 as a creative stage that helps you stand out against the competition.

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