Cancer is a brutal reality for millions of family across the world right now. As an incurable, though manageable in some cases, disease, it’s a diagnosis we all fear. Each year, it’s estimated that 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States, and 595,690 people will pass away from the disease. As scientists work feverishly to discover a cure, it remains far off today. The number of people living with cancer is expected to reach 19 million by 2024.

We have to live and work with cancer today, there’s no way around it. If you are someone suffering from cancer, or know of a loved one who is battling it as we speak, here at Lifetime Wishes, we’re determined to provide you with a way to remain in the lives of those that mean the most to you. Same as Bailey Sellers’ father ensured his daughter would receive birthday messages after losing his battle against pancreatic cancer.

Cancer comes in the night and whisks away men and women before they’re able to fully raise their beloved children or meet future precious grandchildren. It’s not fair and it’s hard to stomach.  However, we can at least stop it from taking away what matters most – the ongoing emotional well-being of our loved ones.  Lifetime Wishes helps you guarantee your loved ones receive an entire lifetime of your love, guidance and support.

With Lifetime Wishes, you can:

Deliver decades of you in video wishes

If you’ve received a terminal diagnosis, now is a great time to get a prepaid Lifetime plan and start recording videos for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and special occasions starting in 2018 and every year into the future. Schedule videos to unlock in 10, 20 and 50+ years from now, keeping your love and memory alive forever.  Loved ones will cherish every never-before-seen message you leave for them to open at the time you set.

Leave unlocked guidance and support for life events

Record a library of emotionally-intelligent advice for your son, daughter or grandchild to open when they experience everyday events, celebrations and hardships. Whether it’s wedding day tips, handling first child worries or how to deal with sadness, you can plan your support and be there for the firsts, feelings and future. Record thoughtful advice and stories your family shared with you –   say all the things that you wished they had said.  When you can’t be here in person, your loved ones will immensely benefit, treasure and feel great comfort knowing that you are still here supporting them on an emotional and spiritual level.

Plan for every future occasion

Schedule wishes, greetings and gifts (coming soon) to be sent to friends, family and new generations every year until 2118 and beyond.  Continue to be a big part of their lives and live on this world.  Give the gift of a lifetime – YOU!

Though we don’t want to think about a reality in which cancer, or any terminal illness, exists in our lives, leaving a lifetime of wishes can provide both you and your loved ones with some peace of mind.  Our wish templates help you express your most authentic thoughts, so that you can focus your time on enjoying every second with your love ones.  We may not be able to master the diseases in our bodies, but we can master our communication with one another and make our love timeless.

At Lifetime Wishes, our wish is for you to fight cancer and win. For your loved ones, we wish them a lifetime of you. Don’t let cancer take you away from those who need you most. Conquer it with memories, guidance, support and love that lasts a lifetime. Record videos, writing letters and sending cards now so that your loved ones can cherish you throughout many lifetimes.

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