We all fall in love. It’s part of being human. But, have you ever stopped to consider why we fall in love? According to Psychologist Arthur Aron at Stony Brook University, we fall in love because we all want to “expand beyond ourselves.” As part of our innate desire to communicate and connect with other humans, we fall in love because we want to be more than just ourselves; we want to be a unit. Tapping into our inner and outer synchronicity, we fall in love when our bodies align with appropriate triggers from the outside world: visual, regular olfactory, auditory and tactile cues, and so forth.

When that loving tinging comes knocking on our door, the class 3 stages of love follows:

  • Lust: When we first find ourselves attracted to someone else, that’s the most exciting part of the pairing. It’s the lust, or erotic passion, phase where we explore physical chemistry and attraction.
  • Passion: Next comes the attraction or romantic passion phase, when we lose our ability to think rationally. This is where “love is blind” comes from. We are often oblivious to any obvious flaws in our partners, as we are too busy being in love and admiring their existence.
  • Attachment: As the final stage of love, this is where duration comes into the picture. You’ve passed fantasy love and are entering into real love. You’re able to see your partner for who they are, and are choosing to accept their flaws as ones you can live with. It’s no longer about idealizing the relationship, but making it work day-in and day-out.

However, these three natural stages become skewed today with the glorification of lust and romance in the media, on social media, and in shows and movies. Real love and relationships are hard, with some not-so-glorified moments that make up our lives. When we watch shows that portray it to be like Grey’s Anatomy, hot and heavy sex, fighting, and messy make-ups, it can alter what we should expect from a partner.

If you want to make love last a lifetime, our Lifetime Wishes platform is here to help:

  1. Compliments: You can schedule letters, cards, or videos with our platform, telling your partner how beautiful/handsome they are. It may start to feel mundane, which is why doing it through a surprise pre-recorded message can liven things up again. It’s always important to compliment your partner.
  2. Videos: We enable you to send and record videos, scheduled for anytime, anywhere. Add an element of sexy into your relationship by recording hot videos that will get your partner excited about their relationship with you. Relationships require constant work, which is what we want to help you with.
  3. Important Dates: Schedule meaningful cards with images and video for all of the key dates in your life. Schedule some for your anniversary, the day in which you first met, and so forth. Plus, pre-scheduling them guarantees you won’t forget about the big day when it rolls around.