Not everyone is a totally nature family person. For some, it comes easier; but for others, it’s not as easy, requiring constant reminders to stay connected, remember important dates, and make an effort to act like you care. Family communication between members is so critical, yet it’s one of the first things to go when people move, start new jobs, or start new families away from the central unit.

No family is immune from forgetting the crucial communications that should be happening amongst relatives. It’s one of the first things to cause fights and arguments at the holidays. Your family is perfectly normal if this happens to you. However, thanks to Lifetime Wishes, this doesn’t have to be your familial reality moving forward.

Here are just a few ways our platform can improve upon your family communication ability:


Anniversaries are really important to parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. If you tend to forget these dates during your busy life, you are not alone. However, you can rise above normalcy and make an attempt to show you care through a Lifetime Wish. Pre-schedule “Happy Anniversary” greetings in our platform according to the anniversary date. We’ll distribute the announcement for you, every single year.

Grandparents to Grandchildren

One of the hardest parts of life is only being able to know your grandparents for a small amount of time. Grandparents are the gatekeepers to your family’s secrets, culture, and memories. With our platform, grandparents can safeguard this information in pre-scheduled cards to be distributed long after they are gone. It’s important to hang onto your family’s legacy.

Mother to Daughter

Though we don’t like to think about the unforeseen, many times, parents are stolen away from their children before they reach adulthood. As a mother with a daughter, there is so much you are always going to want to teach her. Store videos about dating, marriage, and raising children with Lifetime Wishes to be released when she comes of age.

Father to Son

The same goes for dads and their sons. You want your son to be a man one day, and he’s going to look to you for that guidance. You can schedule tips and random notes for your son, according to his age, that will guide him in the right direction. God forbid something happens to you, too, you’ll know that your son is supported and that your wisdom lives on.

Sisterhood of the Traveling eCard

You know the sisterhood of the traveling pants? Make one for your family, with an eCard this time. Pass it on. Each time you get it, send it to a new family member, asking them how they are. They can add to the card, and pass it on afterwards, helping all family members to stay in touch and connected – no matter where you are in the world.

Family communication is everything today. Thanks to technology, it just got a little bit easier with Lifetime Wishes.