A Father’s Loving Farewell Transcends Death

By November 28, 2017Children, Legacy, Parents

A father’s loving farewell to his daughter, more than four years after his death, has captured the hearts of people across the globe.

Bailey Sellers of Knoxville, Tenn., was 16 years old when her father, Michael Sellers, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2013. Before his death, he arranged for his daughter to receive a bouquet of flowers and a card on her next five birthdays.

The final bouquet arrived this year to commemorate Bailey’s 21st birthday. Accompanying the flowers was a handwritten card, which her father described as his “last love letter to you until we meet again.”

“You are and will always be the most precious jewel I was given,” he wrote, reminding his daughter that “I will still be with you through every milestone, just look around and there I will be.”

Bailey, who currently attends East Tennessee State University, shared her father’s message on Twitter, along with a childhood photo of herself being held aloft on his shoulders. Within days, her tweet achieved nearly 1.5 million likes, 365,000 retweets, and 14,000 replies. Many people wrote to say that Michael Sellers’ letter had moved them to tears.

Bailey’s story was picked up by media outlets spanning the globe, including ABC News, Fox News, USA Today, People magazine, US Weekly, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, and the UK-based Sun and Daily Mail.

In response to the viral sensation, Bailey tweeted, “I’m so thankful that my dad’s thoughtfulness brought so many people happiness.”

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