For those entering their Golden Years, reflecting on all you’ve accomplished provides you with the ability to nurture your grandchildren throughout their entire lifetimes. But how can you advise them on life decisions when you may no longer be around? How can you prolong the special bond that occurs between grandparents and their grandchildren? No, we haven’t figured out how to stop time yet. But we have figured out how to send wisdom into the future. With Lifetime Wishes, you can easily pre-record and schedule messages and videos. We’ll send them to all your grankids at a future date of your choice.

Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Grandsons and Granddaughters

There’s an unmistakable bond that occurs between a grandparent and a grandchild. As loving guardians who don’t hold full responsibility of discipline, grandparents are able to share and partake in mostly all of the good. They share the family tales, recipes, heirlooms, and secrets with their grandkids that will help them find their identity. Grandkids in turn share their wonders and youth, providing a new perspective and joy for the grandparent.

Since the beginning of mankind, literature has been honoring the bonds between grandfathers, grandmothers, granddaughters and grandsons. the two generations often exchanges crucial survival information and support.  At Lifetime Wishes, we’re intent on preserving this fragile and critical relationship for grandparents and grandkids everywhere.

Video memories are a great way to preserve the heritage and culture that dissipates with each generation. They provide granddaughters and grandsons with visual memories they can share with their kids and your great grandkids. Grandparents can send video messages as a way to support grandchildren, not only in today’s world, but also long after they’re gone.

With Lifetime Wishes, as a grandmother or grandfathers, you can pre-record:

Happy birthdays

Schedule a song or wish for his or her 25th, 35th, and 55th birthday. Provide a little bit of wisdom that they will only understand as they turn into a new age.

Life advice

For ages 0 to 100, you can record your wisdom on all of life’s firsts, feelings and future events.  Leave tips on how to handle sadness, nurturing a marriage and raising happy children for your grandchild to open and cherish at times when they need you the most.

Family trivia

Family history is incredibly valuable. Send letters to your entire family for every special family anniversary, like your wedding, your mother’s birthday, perhaps when you emigrated to the country, and so forth. It’ll be a living way to ensure your family’s legacy lives on forever.

Just because moments

Who doesn’t want to know they are loved unconditionally? Send your granddaughter or grandson reminders of your unconditional love long after you are gone. You never know, he or she could be having a terrible day when they open up your video memory. All of the sudden, everything will seem happier and brighter.

Grandparent Video Messages

Immortalize your love for your grandchildren on Lifetime Wishes this year. Be there for every life experience, supporting them through the best and worst times.

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