Capture Childhood Moments as They Trick-or-Treat Through the Years

Kids look forward to the festivities that Halloween always brings. From infancy to the tween years, we dress them up in costume and delight in their joy of bobbing for apples, decorating your home, carving pumpkins, and ringing doorbells for treats.

October 31st will come and go fast, so capture this fun-filled day each year and create wishes for your child as they reflect on their cheer.

Video vault: Short films will thrill and chill

Once your child is dressed up and ready to hit the streets for trick-or-treating, pick a spot in the house and film a three-minute video. Your child’s smile will set the tone and he or she will be bursting with excitement. Watching this video on Halloweens to come will serve as inspiration and a reminder of how much they’ve grown.

Prompts for frighteningly-fun filming:

Ask your child why he chose his costume. The thought process of a kindergartener will be as delightful as that of a tween. Pan the camera from head to toe and front to back to see the full ensemble.

What does she love most about Halloween? See if your child repeats the same answer year after year. One year, candy may be the rush. Another, scaring their friends will be top of mind.

Get a shot of friends and neighbors. As the kids grow, their friends will delight in coming by to watch these videos. Record the homes in the area for decorating inspiration next year.

Spooky scrapbook: Photos will be a boo-tiful treasure!

As your kids grow, these stored treats will be a walk down a memory lane filled with Halloween happiness.

Take “before” and “after” shots. Kids will enjoy the transformation as they change from their play clothes to Halloween costumes.

Décor is everything. Snap pics by the front door or wherever you’ve put up the best decorations. Get one with the Jack-o-Lantern too.

Capture the candy! A photo of an empty trick-or-treat bag as they leave the house next to one where its filled to the brim will be a fun one.

The photos you capture and store using LifetimeWishes will be magical and memorable, filled with Halloween spirit. Be sure to include notes about the year, when and where the photos were taken, and any special moments that happened. Kids will love these future Wishes of Halloween happenings as much as the holiday itself!

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