Communication can mean a variety of things to people all over the world, but what does it mean to you? One thing probably holds true: it’s the act of relaying information or expressing emotions to a living being.  As human beings, it is essential to our survival and happiness. Ed Diener and Martin Seligman proved this in the 2002 study conducted at the University of Illinois. Students with the highest levels of happiness related it to “their strong ties to friends and family.”

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

Communication Forms

We don’t all communicate in the same way. This can be the breakdown of relationships, marriages, and family connections. Therefore, it’s important that we understand the different forms of communication and their underlying meaning.

  • Verbal: This occurs in person, over the phone, or through an audio or video recording. It’s oral communication, the most common way we choose to communicate today.
  • Written: This occurs in memos, letters, emails, social media posts, texts, and the list goes on. Whereas verbal communication takes place in real-time, written communication can be constructed over a longer period of time.
  • Nonverbal: This includes facial expressions, touch, eye contact, body stance, tone of voice, and so forth. This can happen in conjunction with verbal communication, or completely on its own.

Depending people’s personality types as well as resources, they can have different preferences for how they choose to communicate.

Communication Today

As a society growing increasingly reliant on technology, social media, and our smartphones, we mainly communicate using words, images, and video. With words, sometimes we’re able to express our feelings more freely, without the pressure of in-person glances and stares. With images, we can capture communication in a single frame, able to share it for all of time. And with video, we’re able to combine it all together in a bundled form of communication. Naturally, it’s no wonder that video content is the most consumed form of content on the Internet and on social media today. As humans, we desire to have all forms of communication checked off to feel content from what we just consumed.

The Power of Video in Lifetime Wishes

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