One of the first things parents try to communicate to their children growing up is that “sharing is caring”. Giving back, sharing belongings, and joining in on an activity with someone else is the essence of life. And as parents, we know it to be true. Therefore, we want our children to be selfless and kind, open to sharing everything with everyone that comes by, and willing to make other’s feel good.

“I believe giving back is one of the greatest life lessons we can teach our children. That the world isn’t about them and that, through their actions, people will really discover what kind of person we truly are.” –  Gretchen Carlson

That quintessential lesson comes from an innate desire as humans to give back to feel good. It’s part of our psychological makeup. A survey released by the UnitedHealth Group looking specifically at volunteering proved how this activity can improve one’s self-satisfaction:

  • The majority of 3,351 adults reported feeling mentally and physically healthier after giving back.
  • A staggering 94% of those people said that volunteering improved their mood.
  • 78% of them claimed the activity lowered their stress levels.

In conclusion, as humans we want to give back. We want other’s to feel good because of us. We want to connect to others. And we want to feel like we’re part of a community. It dates back to the start of our race, needing to work and live together for shelter and food. That same trend holds true today.

Here are a few ways you can give to those around you this year, helping them to feel better along the way:

  1. Quality List: Take the time to make a list regarding the best and most unique qualities of someone special to you. Really dig deep and write down everything that comes to mind. Take that list, and recite it in a video, through a poem, or write it down. Then send it to someone who needs to hear it with a Lifetime Wish.
  2. Memories: Simply recounting a time when someone made you feel better is enough to fill someone’s heart up with warmth and happiness. Let them know it through a video or letter.
  3. Your Feelings: If a special person in your life has made you feel a plethora of emotions, tell them about it. Tell them how they have impacted you for the better. Detail each and every time their relevance in your life has made you feel better. You can do with letters and cards, or with an authentic video that cuts right to the chase.
  4. Ask: Sometimes, all we need to hear is someone else asking how they can help. Sending a video to someone in your life who might be struggling, asking how you can make them feel better, can make a world of difference for them.

Lifetime Wishes

With our platform, you can give back to those in your life with eCards, letters, poems, and videos that detail your joy and affection for each and every recipient. Even though we may think our loved ones are aware of our love and support, communicating it clearly can change a life for the better.


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