If you’re a normal person, that means you’ve forgotten about Valentine’s Day from time to time. It can sneak up on us in the middle of February, a month we don’t normally associate with holidays and parties. Not to mention if you’re not a romantically-oriented person, the concept of Valentine’s Day can pass you by pretty easily. Let us tell you that it will not fare well with your sweetheart, and how to never forget a special occasion moving forward.

Thankfully, we understand everyone’s typical forgetfulness, which is why we’ve made a platform that captures your communication and loving wishes for the forever future. Through Lifetme Wishes, you can pre-record yourself and select the delivery date for this Valentine’s Day and 20 Valentine’s Days to come. You can send an eCard or a poem, filing up the next 10 Valentine’s Day cards in our vault. That way, you’ll never “forget” Valentine’s Day ever again.

In order to avoid critical romantic blunders this year and for years to come, here are 4 ways to make yourself the master of Valentine’s Day:

10-Year Stock-Up

If you’re forgetful in nature, know that you’re not alone. Instead of worrying about missing important holidays and anniversaries every year, you can stock up on Valentine’s Day greetings and messages today for 10-years to come. After you’re done, you simply schedule them into our platform with just 1-click. It’s as simple as it sounds to never forget about a future key date.

Valentine’s Day Wishes

If you want your scheduled posts to be Valentine’s Day centric, you can elect to schedule a reoccurring Valentine’s Day Wish that pops up every year on the 14th. This is an even easier way to make sure all of your bases are covered on Valentine’s Day.

Duplicate Templates

Take the time to set up one wish template in our system. Duplicate it and use it as many times as you want. You’ll never have to spend time on crafting a structure again. Or set up customization on wishes now for the future. You’re all set for the next 10-years!


You can set your profile so that you receive a notification when your wish has both been sent and opened. That way, you can stay on top of what your significant other has seen, and when they saw it. Through the notification, you can text or call them right away, perfectly on queue.

A Lifetime Promise

Notifications, templates, pre-saved wishes, and stock-ups on messages to be sent 1, 2 or 5-years from now. Use them to never forget another Valentine’s Day ever again. Plus, you’ll stand out from the competition, sending a customize video wish as opposed to another Valentine’s Day card in the grocery store.