When we’re in love, we tend to focus on the present. We get caught up in the hot and heavy elements that come with a new love and relationship. As humans, we can’t help it. We focus on the now and the near future. The upcoming dates and holidays we can take together. Maybe 1-2 years from now.

However, did you know it’s possible to pre-record the expression of your love for a lifetime from now? Whether it’s for your significant other or those that mean the most to you, should anything unexpected happen, you can write your feelings and words of encouragement today even if new developments affect your ability to do that in the future. You can essentially send your love into the future with Lifetime Wishes.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider pre-recorded loving wishes:

Planning for the Unexpected

Although none of us want to think about it, life is unpredictable, and sometimes in a tragic way. You can’t guarantee you’ll always be around for those that mean the most to you. Should anything interfere with your longevity on earth, you can safeguard your sentiments now on Lifetime Wishes by pre-recording videos, writing cards, or sending notes that are scheduled for 5, 10, and 25-years in the future. Write down your expressions today.

Loving Support

As for that special someone in your life, if you want to keep your relationship strong and steadfast, no matter the setbacks, you can ensure a loving support today by planning for every Valentine’s Day now through the end of your life. Your support and commitment will not go unnoticed, and it will provide a level of trust that is so lacking for couples today.

Emotional Well-Being

When loved ones, whether spouses, friends, or family members, leave us unexpectedly soon, we suffer from debilitating grief and sadness. However, with loving wishes, you can ensure an emotional well-being for the people who matter the most to you. If you felt there was something you were never able to say, or a special message that was meant for your son and daughter on their wedding day, you can store the message with us at Lifetime Wishes to ensure your legacy is immortal. The same goes for your sweetheart.

Your Peace of Mind

If you suffer from a disease or suspect that your health isn’t extremely solidified, sending loving wishes into the future will help you sleep better at night, too. That’s why we take our Life Insurance policies and a variety of other assurance commitments: you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve set up a structure that supports those you love the most – even if you can’t. If leaving your loved ones too early is a fear of yours, pre-recording loving wishes will assuage that worry.

Futuristic Love Notes

Thanks to our technology today, you can immortalize yourself while you’re still living for those that will need you decades from now. Consider a Lifetime Wish, or a lifetime of wishes, scheduled through us today.

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