Video has become a critical part of our everyday lives today. We could say we spend a big portion of our lives watching videos. But, how many of these actually make a difference to us? How to record a video that touches someone’s heart and communicate emotions is not as easy as it sounds. In this digital format, one can communicate faster and more sincerely, using  nonverbal, verbal, and written communication. Since the sky is the limit with video, it can make the entire production overwhelming for those that aren’t inclined to record a video, its production or technology. As well as for those not used to perform in front of a camera.

However, recording a video is one of the easiest things you could try this week. Take it from us! If you want to give the video world a go, here are some constructive tips to record a video that touches someone’s heart:

  1. The Script: Before you say anything, if you’re not someone who likes to go off-the-cuff, you need to draft up a script. When it comes to video, less is more in the words department. You don’t need to write down pages and pages of what you want to say. Writing down talking points is a great start. Simply focusing on three sentences that capture your love and affection is all you need to do. Once the camera starts rolling, you’ll find your language much sincerer if you boil it down to those few heart-moving thoughts.
  2. Body Language: We all know how distracting it is to watch someone give a speech when they fidget and twitch the entire time. You might be nervous on video, but the good news is, you have unlimited recording takes. Practice sitting completely still when you talk, leaving your hands, hair, and face alone. When you find that you can calmly deliver a message in front of the camera, work on integrating natural hand movements back in so you don’t look robotic. This will take time, but it’s well worth the practice. You can take the skill with you for the rest of your life!
  3. Free Resources: Thankfully, the world is full of free video platforms and editing software today. If you have a Mac, iMovie comes pre-programmed and ready for the taking. There’s also Windows Movie Maker, Lightworks, EffectsLab Pro, VideoPad, Adobe Premiere Pro, and the list goes on. Simply upload your clip into either the mobile or desktop app, and get to work.
  4. The Movie Star: Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is key to clearly communicate your message. Try practicing the script having someone next to the camera talking to you. Be natural and honest, using your own words. Sometimes spontaneity works better than what you planned in advance. And lastly, relax… after all this isn’t The Oscars!

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