Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, which means if you want to stay in good graces with your honey. It’s time to start planning something memorable that will really relay your love and affection. Valentine’s Day is a big deal, with the National Retail Federation predicting that total spending for the holiday will top $18.2 billion this year. Yes, that means the average person will spend $136.57 on miscellaneous chocolate and grocery store cards that carry no special sentiment or meaning.

If you want to move past the generic cards and flowers that everyone else will be buying, there’s a way to make your Valentine’s Day a little more meaningful.  With Lifetime Wishes, you can send Valentine’s Day video messages to your special sweetheart, showcasing your love and affection in a way that is totally unique to you.

Count the ways you can send your love…

Valentine’s Day eCards

Use emotionally -intelligent wish templates or create your own Valentine’s Day eCards from scratch.  Lifetime Wishes are way more personal than the generic counterpart in the grocery store. Import Facebook photos, capture inside jokes and write special letters that carry memories for you both.

Valentine’s Day Poems

Record yourself voice narrating a poem and attach your favorite song for your special someone. Schedule it to be delivered first thing that morning. If you’re unable to see each other until dinnertime, or maybe not at all, this is an unforgettable way to communicate your love.

Valentine’s Video Wishes

In addition to cards and poems, why not take your love into the video sphere? You can pre-record yourself reading a poem, singing, or just plain talking about how much you love your other half. This is especially valuable if you’re long distance and unable to hold each other that day. Video messaging is the next best thing to being together.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunts

If you’re more of a clever lover, why not create a scavenger hunt that leads to hidden treasures and presents? Pre-schedule cards or hints to be delivered every 2-hours that day, leading your lover to your exact location by nightfall. This is a great way to build up hype for a potential proposal – it doesn’t get more clever than that!

Get Others Involved

Get your mom, dad, even siblings to pre-record videos of themselves telling your significant other much they love him/her and how important they are to the family. Depending on how long you’ve been dating your significant other, this can be a big step, taken with grace and appreciation.

Valentine’s Day with Lifetime Wishes

You don’t have to follow the crowd this Valentine’s Day. You can stand out against the competition as a uniquely passionate lover with one of our video memories or Valentine’s day video messages catered specifically to you and your mate. With plenty of time left until Valentine’s Day 2018, now is the perfect time to get started planning with us. Not to mention, we’re much more affordable than last second flowers and chocolates.

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