One of the most classic American holiday pastimes is whipping out family recipes and cooking up a batch of cookies or eggnog with the family. There’s something so authentic and heartfelt about sharing a kitchen with the people who matter the most to you, drawing on instructions penned by generations before you. No matter how far technology may advance, nothing can compare to using great-grandma’s apple pie recipe as you remember times past and the history of your family.

Today, however, with the increasingly global nature of our world, many family members are forced to spend holidays apart, wishing they were home to experience that holiday family recipe sharing. With Lifetime Wishes, you can either send those recipes, in video or picture format, to the people who matter the most to you, as well as schedule a recipe sharing years down the line.

Here are a just a few ways in which you can utilize the platform for holiday family recipes:

Recipe Instructions

Sometimes, family holiday recipes are complex in nature, requiring an interactive demonstration for replication. Instead of trying to shout directions over the phone or through an email, you can send family members a video of yourself, demonstrating the recipe in real time with step-by-step instructions. That way, it’ll feel like you’re right in the kitchen with the people most important to you when they sit down to carry on the tradition.

Recipe Scheduling

Let’s say you’re going on a tropical cruise or will be unable to send emails and texts around the actual holidays. During the time that you have prior, you can pre-record or pen a message to your loved ones with Lifetime Wishes, scheduling its distribution at a time that means the most to you. Perhaps Christmas Eve is the time in your family when the sugar cookies are made for Santa. Schedule a video of yourself making sugar cookies for your children on December 24th, greeting them first thing in the morning.

Generational Memories

The gift of life is a fleeting one, especially for grandparents wishing to provide for their grandchildren. You can record yourself making your favorite recipes now, for your children and grandchildren in the future. Why think about 2-years in the future when you can dream about 40-years? You can develop new family recipes that are scheduled for your future grandchildren and great-grandchildren, providing them with real, tangible memories of you.

Thanks to technology today, your holiday recipes don’t have to just be words on parchment anymore. You can immortalize the gift of cooking for generations to come, demonstrating the recipe firsthand and the special tricks you’ve discovered for getting the cookie dough just right. Using Lifetime Wishes, recipe scheduling, development, instructions, and sharing just became significantly easier.

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