Motherhood is one of the universal experiences that unites women around the world. An unspoken bond that’s so innate to our survival as a species that many don’t even stop to consider the mind-blowing facts about motherhood. And all it offers us on earth today. We’d be nothing without the women at the helms of our families. They raise children, breathe life into people, and lay the foundation for what generations will look like years after we’re gone.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we thought it appropriate to touch on some of the most incredible elements of motherhood today:

  1. Mother’s Voice: Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine provided that a mother’s voice triggers a response in many areas of a child’s brain, including emotions, hearing, rewards, and self-information. The same study also concluded that a mother’s voice activates the response, while other voices had no impact. The same study found that 97 percent of children surveyed could accurately identify their mother’s voice when required.
  2. Baby’s Emotions: New high-tech scans have shown that unborn babies can smile, blink, and cry weeks before they leave the womb. At about 26-weeks after inception, fetuses can express emotion, although scientists are still debating if their grins are really due to a happiness before they leave the womb.
  3. The Word: Mom, mum, momma, mama, and every other version of mother is a universal word that is one of the first uttered by babies after they are born. No matter what language, where the baby is located, and what they have observed, it’s innate for the child to start saying mamma the second they are born into this world.
  4. Mother’s Minds: A new study published by Nature Neuroscience reveals that during pregnancy, women undergo significant brain remodeling than can last for years after pregnancy. The same study also revealed that this remodeling plays a role in helping women to transition into the motherhood mentality, naturally preparing women for the task at hand. How incredible is that?
  5. The Sacrifice: Did you know that new mothers lose twice as much sleep as new fathers? Innately connected to the child, a baby’s cry wakes a mother up more frequently than a father, as the body that just housed and birthed the child not so long ago. There’s a telepathic connection between the child and mother that makes motherhood of the most incredible phenomena in our world today.

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