This Thanksgiving Send Meaningful Wishes That Will Be Cherished for Years to Come

It’s time to reflect on special times this Thanksgiving with notes of gratitude that can be made into Lifetime Wishes for loved ones. Whether you’ll see them in person or must send love from a distance, the warmth and wishes will be appreciated and reciprocated—and can be cherished and unlocked for sharing for years to come.

After all, what better time than Thanksgiving to give thanks for the happiness, good times, and even better tomorrows you’ve experienced and will continue to share?!

Links of love: Personalized wishes to cherish

When crafting and uploading Lifetime Wishes to be unlocked at a later time, think outside the gratitude box…

Memorable moments: Write a message about something memorable that happened this year. Recall your sister’s promotion, your best friend’s baby, or your neighbor’s recovery. Share how thankful you are to be part of their milestones and miracles.

Name game: A fun way to personalize a Lifetime Wishes greeting is with the letters of the person’s name paired with positive words associated with each letter. For instance, Mary: M – Musical, A – Ambitious, R – Realistic, Y – Youthful. Your gratitude for each person’s talents and traits will be fun for the unlock and read.

Caption It! Upload a photo of yourself with each person at the Thanksgiving table this year. Caption every picture with a note about why he or she is important to you and wishes for gifts of gratitude that’ll last a lifetime.

Make a video montage: Take short bits of video footage throughout Thanksgiving Day and make a memorable montage once the guests are gone. Schedule a Lifetime Wishes greeting to be unlocked in time so they may relive and revel in the joy you shared.

Be a journalist for the day: “Interview” your family and friends about one another: What do they love most? What experience will they never forget? What makes them proud? The most meaningful video clips can be compiled into a “relationship report” on Lifetime Wishes that can be unlocked and then held dear for years to come.

Thanksgiving helps us remember who we care about the most and their impact on our lives. Make this year full of welcoming wishes, heart-to-heart exchanges, and bountiful blessings.

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Start writing Lifetime Wishes now:
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