What may have seemed like inconsequential, everyday childhood moments can become powerful Lifetime Wishes of wisdom for your children as they grow. Indeed, confidence can soar when your son or daughter is reminded of how he or she triumphed during earlier childhood.

Small children are great thinkers and doers, so when your growing child needs inspirational encouragement in the future, just think how amazing it will be for them to find it within their younger selves. Here are some prompts to get you started…

Soothing Sentiments in Their Childhood: Wishes of encouragement to help them triumph through tougher times

If one day your son or daughter needs a boost to emerge from a slump, reminders of how he or she made it through hard times as a youngster can provide a push to overcome anything—from a lousy day to a major loss. Create Lifetime Wishes of insight, advice, and loving reminders that they will be OK:

Wipe away the tears. Reflect on the time your child lost a pet. When she thinks she cannot get over a deep sadness, this will remind her how the memory of that special pet now brings smiles rather than tears.

Oh, the embarrassment! If your growing child has a less-than-perfect moment at school or with friends, looking back on “oops” times in their younger years will provide a good laugh and reminder that “This, too shall pass.”

Breaking up isn’t hard to do. When the time comes for love-interest relationships, your child is sure to face rejection. In the moment he may think his heart may never mend, but retell the story of his kindergarten crush. If he could make it through that first “love,” he’ll realize there are other fish in the sea.

You Can Do It: Wishes of strength and determination

No matter their age, every child needs a cheerleader every now and then to help them make the most of a trying situation. When she was young, there was no fear and lots of self-esteem. Bring that feeling back with sentiments of memories captured by Lifetime Wishes:

Ace that test. Your growing child may not believe he can study hard enough to do well in school. Encourage him to have fun learning like he did in kindergarten. By focusing on the lesson rather than the grade, he’ll absorb more and stress less.

Go the extra mile. Is your child afraid to try out for the team or worried about losing a student election? Like when she was small, fun comes from playing, not winning—drawing upon those memories can result in a lesson they’ll be eager to hear repeated.

Don’t stress, impress! One day soon (before you know it!), it’ll be time for a college entrance or first job interview. Your child will most likely be all nerves and no confidence. Wish her luck, along with memories of her immense fearlessness as a young child. Remind her that being herself is all she needs to do.

Your child will make it through—and your Lifetime Wishes of wisdom can help! Of course, these wise words really come from within; you just need to remind your sons and daughters just how their childhood made them the amazing human beings they are now!