The Most Important Advice From the Most Important Person

When it comes to gathering and cherishing life advice, there’s nothing like your mom’s. Major life events like the birth of your first child, curiosities about your heritage and background, even minutiae such as why you put a whole onion in the pot when making sauce — these topics and more bring your heart closer to the person who loved you unconditionally, your mom.

“I would have loved to ask my mom about the relatives I never knew—where they lived, their ages, if they had kids,” says Erika Rosario, a mom from West Babylon, NY.

If you’re a mom—or plan to be someday—you can answer these questions and more, even before your children think to ask. Send Lifetime Wishes for special occasions, tell stories, and share photos that will help your children feel close to you as they grow and experience life’s adventures at every stage.

Here’s some inspiration from Rosario and others about their most mom-specific curiosities:

“Who did my mom date before meeting my father? What were her hopes and ambitions?”
~ Erica Boissonneault – Hollis, MaineShare Your Life Story: Answer your children’s questions in a life story wish, to be unlocked and read on a schedule you set. Gather photos and videos to enhance the story, and share the highlights of your childhood as well as the pivotal moments of your adult life such as your own first date. Also include anecdotes about the relatives your children may have never met.

“How long does a temper tantrum last? How do you handle it without losing your mind?”
~ Erika RosarioWishes to Help with Child-rearing: Consider sending your daughter a series of wishes to be opened when her own children reach certain ages or milestones, such as the first day of kindergarten, entering the “terrible twos” or “treacherous threes,” or even when their kids start driving.  The guidance you provide may be just what she needs to steer her own children down the right course.

How do you move on with your life and heal after divorce?”
~ Mysti Guymon, single mom of twoA Wish for Any Contingency: You can write a series of life event wishes to be unlocked during any major life change, from starting college, moving to a new neighborhood, getting married, or even getting divorced. By sharing wishes to be read or viewed during significant events, your stories may help bolster a loved one’s confidence to face their journey.

Keep the Memories Strong with Lifetime Wishes

As time goes on, childhood memories fade, as do all the things you may have said—or wished you’d said—to your loved ones. Lifetime Wishes help keep those memories strong and encourage your daughter when she might need it most.

“Most often,” recalls Rosario, “I wonder if my mother would be proud of who I am and of the young lady my daughter is becoming.”

Lifetime Wishes, delivered to your loved one’s inbox in perpetuity, remind your children how much you love them, so they never have to wonder if you would have been proud.

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