Sharing a lifetime of love with your greatest blessings

As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to find a few minutes during those hectic family days to put into words the love and pride you feel for your children or the life lessons you want to pass on. Want to make sure your sons and daughters know what is truly in your heart? Here are 7 ideas on how to express the greatest love of all.

1 – Create a time capsule of family traditions and memories.
From the holiday cookies you baked together and the first day of school, to dance recitals, little league games and family vacations, schedule Lifetime Wishes that include photos and details about these joyous childhood moments so that your grown child can reminisce.

2 – Plan special birthday wishes ahead of time.
What do you want to tell your child when he or she turns 10, 13, 16, 21, etc.? Choose the perfect words whenever you’re so inspired, so they’re ready to go when the special day arrives.

3 – Share your legacy.
Times change so much, which is why highlighting what your own upbringing was like and the people and experiences that influenced you can be a lovely window into your world.

4 – Compose “Open this wish when…” messages.
Unlocked Life Event Wishes are a great way to let your children know you’re there for them when they go through a major life transition. Whether it’s leaving for college, getting cut from the team, or buying a home, communicating that they can count on you for support is a wonderful, well-timed gift. You can be specific (“open after your first break up”) or general (“open when you need a hug”).

5 – Show your human side.
Think about the failures you’ve overcome, the mistakes you’ve made, and the challenges you’ve faced, and let your children know how these moments helped shape who you are today. These might be the perfect messages of encouragement to remind your kids that “this too shall pass.”

6 – Reveal the secrets of life.
Whether it’s imparting words of wisdom from your own parents, favorite quotes or bible verses, or listing books and songs that influenced you, share the things that move you.

7 – Craft surprise messages to brighten their day.
Make your son or daughter’s day with a spontaneous “I love you” or “you make me proud” message that’s not tied to a specific accomplishment of event. With these wishes, the timing is always right.

Create Lifetime Wishes to nurture your parent/child bonds. Get started today!