During the 2-weeks of holiday season, Americans will send over 2 billion Christmas cards to one another. For some, these cards will be the only way they are connecting and interacting with loved ones, family members, friends, and significant others as the holidays come and go, emphasizing the distance between people. Though cards are classic keepsakes that have managed to withstand the test of time, there’s a certain interactive, emotional element that is missing from a piece of paper with penned words and sentiments.

Thankfully, since we live in the 21st century today, technology has leveraged new ways to wish friends and family Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Including messages, videos, photos, and eCards, through Lifetime Wishes, the holidays just became more heartfelt for everyone in need of thoughtful connections.

If you’re tired of sending a boring Christmas card bought at your local grocery store to the loved ones in your life, here are some creative ways to leverage the Lifetime Wishes platform for emotional seasons greetings this year:

Videos With Pets

Who doesn’t love a pet cat or dog dressed up in holiday cheer? With Lifetime Wishes, you can record a family video of you, your spouse, and children dressed up with the family cat or dog. Sporting Santa hats and holding a plate of cookies with milk, you can have your pet be the star of the show, adding creativity, humor, and love to the video sent to your friends and family.

Christmas Tree Videos

If you’re far away from your family this year, you can send a Christmas video wish of you setting up your Christmas tree. Give your family some insight into where you live, what your new tree looks like, and how you are carrying on the family tradition far away from home. You can even turn it into a game, hiding something in the video frame and awarding the first family member to text you the answer.

“I Spy” Christmas Pictures

Remember the I Spy books from your childhood? You can take the time to set up a Christmas scene in your house with hidden items, take a photo, edit it, and make a game out of the photo for your loved ones. Hide a few items in the frame and mail presents to the family members who guess the right answer in an email chain. You can even take this idea one step farther and turn it into a scavenger hunt with multiple family members participating.

Lifetime Wishes

The holidays can be a hard time of the year when we’re separated from the ones we love the most. Coming up with heartfelt holiday gift ideas that are easy to send isn’t always simple. We understand that plain holiday cards with no originality don’t really cut it when it comes to the kind of season’s greetings you want to send. Wish the most important people in your life happy holidays this year through interactive, emotional, and heart-warming wishes that you can easily create on your own.

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