Sentiments  for Parents of Grown Children Who’ve Moved Out of the Home

When the time comes that the kids are grown and move out of the house, parents may experience that “empty nest” feeling. They may be thrilled to have some time to themselves, or perhaps the newfound loneliness and quietness makes them long for a full house once again. Here are some wishes to share with empty nesters as they move into the stage of their lives where it’s just the two of them, or a single parent now living alone:

Create a list for meaningful new things to do at home now that the children are gone:

Redecorate: I wish for you the inspiration to make changes in your home to reflect a new beginning. Get back to basics or be creative. Utilize empty space for art, décor, tchotchkes, and antiques.

Entertain: I wish for you to reconnect with friends for dinners in, game nights, book club meetings, or cake and coffee in the afternoon. Without the children at home, use your free time to focus on fun and festivities that you enjoy.

Eat well: I wish for you the delight that comes from creating new recipes, exploring different cuisines, and taking care of your good health. Dinner for one or two can be just as enjoyable when the food is delicious and the wine is flowing.

Get musical: I wish for you to play the music you love to listen to and sing and dance like nobody’s watching… because they’re not! Turn up those oldies but goodies or find an up and coming artist to enjoy.

Reminisce: I wish for you to recall the milestones and joy your children brought to you over the years. Put together a photo album, watch home videos, and go through old clothing and toys. Donate things you can part with to help another family create their own memories.

You could also develop wishes around the following empty nest themes:

Reconnecting: I wish for you the experience to recapture the romance with your spouse or partner or to get together with companions. This is your “me time.”

Look inward: I wish for you the strength to search your heart and mind for peace and comfort that you’ll be OK now that you’re an empty nester. Remember what’s important to you and refocus on your wants and needs.

Keeping in touch: I wish for you to maintain a close connection to your children now that you may not see them every day. Call, write, and text regularly. The mode of communication may change but the love is ever-present. 

Set up Lifetime Wishes celebrating life’s special blessings. Begin today!