Sharing thoughts of companionship and adoration with your “other half”

Marriage is a blessing and a lifelong commitment not to be taken for granted. It’s a bond held together by joy, love, and ups and downs along the way with your spouse.

Recently married, or in a long-term relationship? Here are ideas for sentiments to offer your spouse to express your unending pledge of loyalty, affection, friendship, and partnership.

Create “marriage milestones memos” to reflect back on past moments and those to come:

Engagement: I wish for you to always see the same look in my eyes I had the day we became engaged. Saying “Yes” was the only word that felt right. We pledged to soon marry and become one. One glimmering ring and you’d be mine for life!

Wedding Day: I wish for you to always cherish our vows and the meaning being our “I dos.” Before friends and family, we held hands and promised to live as one, for better or for worse. Our first kiss as spouses was magnetic.

Honeymoon: I wish for you the sparks we ignited during our first romantic trip as a married couple. Under the sun and beneath the stars we held hands, explored and enjoyed, and made magical memories.

Anniversaries: I wish for you to spend each year accepting that my love for you grows as we celebrate each passing year. Our bond strengthens as we make our lives together. Each year I count my blessings that I have had the privilege of being your one and only.

Family: I wish for you an endless feeling of pride for the family we’ve created. When it was just the two of us, we were already the perfect family, and as we filled our home with children, more love has entered our hearts.

 You could also write up wishes centered on the following themes:

My best friend: I wish for you the safety and security in knowing you’ll always have a friend in me. As lovers, we share an intimate and personal relationship. And as best friends, we find a shared sense of humor, a fondness for adventure, and a shoulder to lean on.

Hard times: I wish for you the strength and resilience to get through life’s difficult moments. Some days will test our relationship, but I will always be by your side. I wish for you to take these low points and use them to learn, grow, and strengthen – just like our bond does with each passing day.

Making it Work: I wish for you these tricks for keeping our marriage a happy one…

  • Never go to bed angry
  • Pick your battles
  • Share your secrets and fears
  • Explore your fantasies
  • Kiss upon waking
  • Accept one another’s flaws
  • Renew our vows
  • Believe in the impossible
  • Talk things through
  • Go the extra mile
  • Follow through with promises

Set up Lifetime Wishes celebrating your love of a lifetime: Begin today!