Making Every Year Together Feel Like the First “I Do”

Marriage is the most meaningful commitment two people can make. Through good times and bad, a couple will experience life’s highest highs and lift one another up in their darkest hours. On that special anniversary, acknowledge love shared and having made it through every “For better or for worse.” Taking time to express your sentiments is as touching as the vows you read on your wedding day.


Use these ideas as a foundation to create Lifetime Wishes for your partner that will remind them of the amazing love you share:

I wish you remember with love…

The day we met: Our eyes locked and I was captivated. Without having known one another before, I felt a chemistry I could not explain. Little did I know it was the first sign of love.

Our first kiss: As we inched closer, I breathed in your warmth. From that very first time, I “felt butterflies.” I remember your soft lips and tender embrace.

Saying “I love you”: I couldn’t deny my feelings or keep them from you any longer. When you said you loved me too, I thought my heart would burst.

Meeting one another’s families: You were ready to bring me into your inner circle. I felt connected to you on a deeper level. In my heart, I thanked your family for raising the person I fell in love with.

Our engagement: Loving you forever was enough, but deciding to make the official commitment was exhilarating. Saying “yes” ‘til the end of time was the only option then—and

Our first argument: While the moment was tough, the fact that we were respectful and sought resolution reassured me we could work through life’s lows and come out stronger.

Our wedding day: Uniting in front of loved ones was the most important day of my life. Waiting to hear “You may now kiss the bride” seemed like an eternity.

Our first date: What an exciting day. The anticipation was almost more than I could bear and the date couldn’t have gone better. Making it to date #2 was my short-term goal. Who knew you’d be my date for life?

The birth of our child(ren): The love I had for you was so strong, I never believed it could run any deeper. That was only until I saw you hold our child for the first time. The tenderness and pure joy brought tears to my eyes. You have been an exceptional parent from that moment on.

Our first home: Stepping through the door of a place to call our own with the love of my life was the start to a new beginning for us. I’ve lived in different places before that day, but living with you truly makes a house a home.

Our Vow Renewal: When I first said “I do,” it was for life, but as the years passed, the love we share has multiplied. Committing to one another again at this stage in our lives is even more meaningful since we’ve gone through many “for better” and “for worse” moments. No matter the pleasures or the pits, I’ll say “I do” until I take my final breath.

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