Remembering the Start of Your Journey Into Long-Lasting Love

Getting engaged is one of life’s most exciting moments. With a shared future to look forward to together and the joys of planning a wedding with one’s partner, there’s so much to think about and a lifetime of possibilities ahead at the time of your engagement.

As you celebrate and experience the joy of a lovely couple’s new engagement, here are some words to help you encourage and advise them as they take their first steps down the aisle of life together:

Words of congratulations: I wish for you to remember those feelings of bliss when one asked, “Will you marry me”? and the other said “yes.” I wish for you to remember how much love you have for each other right now, and know that it’s within your power to grow that love day after day, year after year.

Embracing the journey: I wish for you to enjoy your engagement, not as a means to an end, but as a special time to nurture your young relationship. I wish for you to contemplate the deep meaning of the vows you will take in the near future, so you may enter into marriage fully and truly committed to one another.

Recognizing what’s important: I wish for you to not get caught up in the smallest of details should disagreements during wedding planning arise, but instead to practice the art of compromise that will serve your marriage well. I wish for you to remind one another that even when things don’t go as planned, what truly matters is that you’re in it together.

Enjoying the moment: I wish for you both the ability to drown out distractions and take time to listen to each other, even when faced with the overwhelming feeling of so much to do. I wish for you to feed off of the energy, love, and excitement that your engagement has brought to each other, as well as to your loved ones.

Reflecting on your personal growth: I wish for you the opportunity to carve out time for yourself as you prepare to spend your life with a new partner. I wish for you the confidence to take this big step forward with poise and grace.

Nurturing your friendships: I wish for you the opportunity to share your joy with special friends and family members whom you will choose as members of your bridal party. I wish for you a sense of comfort as you grow closer to your future in-laws.

Remembering to shine: I wish for your relationship to shine just like an engagement diamond for years to come. I wish for you to also remember that a dull ring, like an idle relationship, can quickly regain its sparkle–it just takes a little polish.

Lifetime Wishes: For life’s important milestones… start now!