Tips and Sentiments for Happily Ever After

It’s a wedding! Whether it’s a day of glitz and glamour or a close-knit celebration with friends, the new couple is undoubtedly reveling in their love for one another, and setting off to a happy marriage!

Then comes… Marriage. Reality sinks in. Existence becomes household bills (and repairs!), careers, morning coffee, dinner plans, and the day-in, day-out of life—punctuated by sweet moments of togetherness when you remember why you got married in the first place.

When someone you love has taken that magical leap, it’s time to celebrate with a series of Lifetime Wishes. Create a timeline that celebrates common marriage milestones, to be opened when each event occurs.

First Wedding Anniversary: I wish for you a love as strong as it was on the day you married. I wish for you mutual respect, compassion, kindness, and continued commitment. I wish for you many more decades of waking up beside your best friend.

Purchasing a house / moving in together: I wish for you a house filled with love, sweet aromas, and boisterous laughter. I wish for you a home that welcomes family and friends. I wish for you peaceful moments when it is just the two of you and you can gaze in wonder at what you’ve built together.

Raising children: I wish for you children who share the best traits of each of you. I wish for you restful nights, peaceful mornings, and patience when you have neither. I wish for you days of laughter and adventure.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary: I wish for you to remember and recognize your love amidst the pressures of daily life. I wish for your friendship to grow stronger and for the romantic spark to never fade.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary: Iwish for you whole-hearted support, truthful understanding, and someone who will always hold your hand.

15th Wedding Anniversary: I wish for you to continue to be each other’s best friends. I wish for you to learn new things about each other and continue to grow together. I wish for the life you’ve built together to be everything you imagined and more.

Advice for Marriage

Don’t forget to include tips for those times that exemplify “the worse” part of the wedding vows:

If you’re feeling forgotten by your spouse: I wish for you to remember and revel in your own greatness. I wish for you to communicate your feelings confidently. I wish for your feelings to be accepted without judgement.

If your spouse is ill: I wish for you to have strength enough for both of you. I wish for fast healing. I wish for your love to grow stronger with every challenge you face.

Encouragement for any time: I wish for you to remember that marriage is a team. When you win, you win together. I wish for you both to have grace and understanding. I wish for you to remember that marriage is hard, but it’s also worth it.

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