Give your children a lifetime of love and support

As parents, raising children can sometimes feel like a whirlwind of activities, milestones, and emotional highs and lows. But one thing is for sure—your children will look to you for unconditional love, words of comfort, and guidance as they grow.

Have you been wanting to put into words some special sentiments for your greatest legacy in life–your children? Here are some wish ideas to create for your kids now and for years to come:

Capture and deliver your deepest parenting thoughts throughout their childhood years:

For everyday encouragement: I wish for you to truly know how much I love you. I wish for you to recognize in yourself the special qualities that I, and everyone else, sees in you. I wish for you to understand that no matter what life may bring, I’ll always be your constant.

For memory making: I wish for you to always cherish the fun family moments that we have together. I wish that you’ll want to keep our traditions alive with your own children someday. I wish that as an adult, you’ll look back on your childhood with fondness, and smile.

For birthdays: I wish for you another year of personal growth, health, and happiness. I wish for you the gifts that keep on giving: kindness from those around you, empathy for others, and humility. I wish for you to retain some of the curiosity, wonder, and innocence of your early days throughout your life.

For anytime emotional support: I wish for you grace and faith to overcome the challenges and tough days that are a part of life. I wish for you to see the silver linings and humor in trying situations as best you can. I wish for you the courage to come to me if you need to talk, or a shoulder to cry on–I’m always here.

For confidence boosting: I wish for you the confidence in yourself to stand up for your beliefs, and tune out the negativity that may sometimes surround you. I wish for you the ability to develop a connection with like-minded friends and mentors who serve as your support system when you become less dependent on me.

For grade school days: I wish for you a love of learning and appreciation for your teachers. I wish for you a few good friends who can share the journey with you. I wish for you the patience and diligence required to study hard, and be proud of your achievements.

For the young adult years: I wish for you the ability to stay true to who you are–always. I wish for you to discover your passions in life, to surround yourself with friends and confidants, and to always know that I’m only a call or text away. 

Set up Lifetime Wishes celebrating life’s special blessings: Start now!