Taking Life’s Journey One Special Day at a Time

As birthdays pass, growing up and older are inevitable parts of life’s journey, but sometimes along that journey, we fail to appreciate the precious gift of the here-and-now. Often we approach our early years with an impatience for getting on with our lives, and our later years with regrets that it has all gone by too quickly.

How do we learn to live in the moment and appreciate reaching significant milestones in our journey? Here are some ideas for sharing sentiments at those special times in your loved ones’ lives.

Use the occasion of milestone birthdays to express your wishes and sentiments for a lifetime of joy, love, and achievement:

13 –
I wish for you the joys of being a teenager as you begin to discover who you are. I wish for you to find your passion and to develop your talents. I wish for you to savor these last few years of your childhood, creating memories that will last your lifetime.

18 – 
I wish for you the excitement of embarking on a brand new journey of self-discovery. I wish for you to experience the joy of learning, whether through formal education or by exploring the world around you.

21 –
I wish for you a sense of purpose as you take your first steps toward defining your future. I wish for you to savor the connections you’ve made with family and friends and to make new connections and friendships wherever you go. .

30 –
I wish for you to find joy from family in whatever form that takes. I wish for you to find happiness and fulfillment in whatever it is that you do.

40 –
I wish for you to find new goals and aspirations for your life. I wish for you to recognize that you are just hitting your stride, buoyed by a confidence that comes from experience and by the realization that more great things are left to come.

50 –
I wish for you to have a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished so far. I wish for you to take new steps toward whatever it is you’d still like to achieve. I wish for you to find joy from precious moments you share with family and friends

65 – 
I wish for you to have the peace and satisfaction of a life well-lived. I wish for you to find the courage to embrace new adventures. I wish for you the health and financial security that enables you to enjoy life to the fullest.

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