Special Sentiments for a Special Relationship 

In many families, aunts are in a special position to watch their nieces and nephews as they grow and change through the years. At times, aunts may be babysitters, confidantes, or close friends. When family ties are tight, aunts will likely be a constant presence in their nieces’ and nephews’ lives, always on hand to experience important milestones and lend support whenever it is needed.

How can aunts show how much they care for these young people who bring such joy to their lives? Here are some ideas for wishing nieces and nephews well as they progress from infants to school-aged children to adults.

Make a “milestone timeline” to express your sentiments for that special niece or nephew:

Newborns: I wish you a lifetime of exploration and wide-eyed wonder. I wish you the delight you’ll derive from taking your first steps in your lifelong journey toward becoming the person you are meant to be.

First birthday: I wish you happiness as you embark upon an amazing childhood of growth and change. I wish for you the ability to celebrate each and every day as a precious gift.

Elementary school: I wish you the opportunity to learn everything you can about the world around you. I wish for you the courage to try something new, even if means making mistakes, because that’s the best way to gain the knowledge of what it takes to succeed in this world.

Sweet 16: I wish for you the ability to cultivate the talents and special gifts that dwell within you. I wish for you to move toward adulthood with kindness and compassion in your heart.

High School Graduation: I wish for you a sense of accomplishment and the excitement that comes from embarking on new adventures and understanding life’s full range of possibilities. I wish for you to find your own unique pathway to the life you want to live.

Marriage: I wish for you the lasting love that comes from giving of yourself and putting another person’s happiness ahead of your own, only to find such love coming back to you a hundredfold.

Parenthood: I wish for you to experience the same joy in loving and caring for your own children that those around you have experienced in loving and caring for you.

Set up Lifetime Wishes celebrating life’s great milestones. Begin today!