Lifetime Wishes Will Keep You in Touch Across the Miles — and Through the Years

We live in a connected world. Technology can help grandparents and grandchildren — and even parents and their adult children — stay in touch across the miles, through the years, and for generations of lifetimes.

Schedule wishes for your beloved family members to receive throughout their entire life — and always be close to their hearts.

Send a Daily “I Love You” Wish
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell your children you love them every single day, no matter where you are? Schedule a personalized wish to be sent directly to your loved ones inbox daily and bring a smile to someone’s face each morning.

Send “Memory” Wishes Remembering the Good ‘Ol Days
Capture special moments in time through photos and video, then schedule them to be delivered to your child or grandchild 40 years from now. Imagine their delight as they send their own children off to the first day of school, and check their email to see a photo of their own first day. Don’t forget the small moments that mean so much: Trips to the zoo, family bike rides, summer days in the swimming pool. A simple photo or video brings it all back for lasting memories.

Share “Wisdom” Wishes for Your Child or Grandchild to Open When Ready To Hear It
There is so much you want to tell your children — about dating, marriage, choosing a career, having children — but you don’t know if you’ll be around to share your wisdom.

Plan “Birthday” Wishes in Advance
Never miss a birthday. Before a child is even born, you can plan lifetime wishes to be sent every birthday. Provide a lifetime of loving thoughts from grandparents, family, and friends. Have everyone create wishes for milestone birthdays, like Sweet 16, turning 21, 25, 30… and beyond.

Provide “Life Event” Wishes
Be there during your loved one’s happiest — and hardest —moments. Provide wishes full of wisdom on all major life events. As a grandmother or parent, it can be difficult finding the perfect words for any situation. Take your time to think it over and share your congratulations or advice during specific life events. Leave video wishes unlocked to be opened as needed. Want to ensure your grandson receives your advice when he has first child? Simply write a wish titled “Open this wish if you become a new parent.”

Send Lifetime Wishes for your child or grandchild to read when he or she:

  • graduates high school or college
  • falls in love or gets married
  • has a difficult break-up
  • is grieving the loss of someone close
  • has a first child
  • simply needs your support and encouragement
  • achieves a lifelong dream

6. Share Your “Life Story” To Be Unlocked Over Time
Parents and grandparents often want to share their own life story, but today’s busy world makes it difficult to find the necessary time to sit down and have a heart-to-heart reminiscing about growing up or answering questions.

Use pictures, video, or text to share stories of special events with personal or global significance. For instance, what were you doing when the Challenger shuttle exploded? Where were you on September 11, 2001? Discuss your feelings about big, historic events, but also talk about your day-to-day life. Did you walk to school? Who were your teachers? Where did you meet your spouse? Did you like your job?Your loved one will be excited to see your life story unfold over time—today and after you’re gone.

7. Use Lifetime Wishes to Stay Connected makes it easy to create a lifetime of wishes for your children or grandchildren. Just upload photos and videos, tell your stories, and we’ll take care of the rest, helping you stay connected with loved ones forever.

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