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Your child will explode with joy unlocking wishes from you and loved ones every year.
Enjoy watching their creativity surge while creating their own wishes for family, friends and you.


  • Never miss a special day
    Create wishes for every birthday, anniversary, holiday and special occasion.
  • Deepen your child’s relationship with you and family
    Share thoughtful, emotionally-intelligent messages.
  • Express your love creatively
    Create heart-touching, personalized wishes with fun special image effects.
  • Plan a lifetime of support
    Ensure children receive love, wisdom, comfort and well wishes for all life-events.
  • Guarantee a lifetime of YOU
    Love, be loved, stay connected and be remembered.

Lifetime Wishes is Child-SAFE!

  • Parental authorization is required.
  • Your child’s account can only be accessed through your account.
  • You control your child’s access at all times.
  • You can accept/reject wishes sent to your child at anytime.
  • Your child’s privacy is protected with COPPA regulations by FTC.
  • All wishes are SSL encrypted, stored and delivered via Amazon Web Services.

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