Your Wish Guarantee

Every effort is made to ensure your wishes remain secure, private, protected and get delivered!

Wish Delivery

Wishes are available to be seen by recipients 99.99% of the time.

  • Child-Safe Accounts
    Set up child accounts for your child to safely receive your wishes. Control your child’s access at all times. Child accounts are FTC COPPA Compliant.
    Create your child’s account 
  • Special Contacts
    Designate Find-Me Contacts, Executors and Heirs to help manage your account. If we can’t find you, we’ll contact them.
    Set up special contacts now 
  • Recipient Locating
    If your recipient becomes inactive, we ask THEIR special contacts to help deliver your wishes.

Wish Privacy

Amazon Web Services offers secure, long-term storage.

  • Wish Privacy
    SSL security technology ensures only you and your recipients access your wishes.
  • Wish Storage
    Up to 99.999999999% wishes will never be lost.
  • Wish Protection
    Your wishes are automatically encrypted for safe delivery.
  • Wish Delivery
    Up to 99.99% wishes available to get received.

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