LifetimeWishes.Com Launch Promises Happier World

By December 5, 2017

Female Entrepreneur Invests $500k in World’s First Emotionally-Intelligent Communications Platform  


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—December 5, 2017– Lifetime Wishes, LLC announced today the launch of its new desktop-beta site, a patent-pending platform that helps people form deeper, more meaningful relationships through emotionally-intelligent communications.

Members create decades of sentiments in minutes — never missing a special occasion or life experience.  One can provide birthday or anniversary wishes that unlock every year or comforting wisdom and support for loved ones to open as needed.

Inspiring people to communicate on a deeper level, Lifetime Wishes launched the “Best Wishes Contest” through the month of December. Contestants earn a chance to win up to $325 cash and be featured in the Lifetime Wishes national ad campaign simply by sharing a thoughtful video to a loved one.

“In my opinion, emotional intelligence is not about remembering to sign and send a card written by someone else,” explained Jennifer Uhll, Lifetime Wishes’ Founder and CEO, “It’s being able to proactively address moments that matter.  Then finding a way to accurately identify and express associated thoughts and feelings. It is also about understanding and taking responsibility for the emotional impact that a message (or lack thereof) and its timing will have on recipients.”

Lifetime Wishes offers the following key benefits:

  • Unlimited creativity: Editing tools include audio/video recording, Facebook imports, Adobe Image-Editor, Getty Images premium stock, free visuals, file uploads.
  • Convenience: Import contacts, schedule recurring wishes by date or holiday, Wish Vault Outbox – edit wishes and recipients at any time, Inbox – accept, reject or block wishes from others.
  • Emotionally-intelligent templates: Customizable messages inspire deeper communication.
  • Peace of mind: Spouses, parents, and grandparents can now promise to be there for all of life’s experiences — all the firsts, feelings, celebrations, hardships and just-because sentiments.
  • Living legacy: Families can impart their values and history with biographical videos and photos.
  • Safe child accounts: COPPA-compliant, single sign-in to manage wishes sent to/from minors.
  • Special contacts: Users can designate executors, heirs, and find-me contacts.
  • Secure storage and delivery: Amazon Web Services promises a secure network.

Driven by strong humanitarian, parental and entrepreneurial desires, Uhll personally invested over $500,000 in Lifetime Wishes after realizing a solution was needed for more authentic communications.  As a creative and marketing expert, Uhll says that demand is strong due to human nature’s innate desire to love, be loved and stay connected.

“Lifetime Wishes holds the heart of the world.” said Uhll, “Canned messages feel fake. Starting from a blank slate is not easy.  Our fast-growing template library helps one address key life moments, communicate from the heart, foster deeper relationships and guarantee loved ones receive a lifetime of love, family and emotional-security – effectively, every wish helps create a happier world.”

Lifetime Wishes is currently giving away 100% free forever Premium subscription plans to all beta users.  Pre-paid Lifetime plans are available to ensure one’s future wishes are delivered for decades to come. Free accounts to start spreading love can be created here.

Lifetime Wishes is a registered trademark with a patent-pending platform. Investor inquiries may be directed via email to

About Lifetime Wishes – Helping make the world a happier place since October 2017

Lifetime Wishes ( is a secure online platform that helps people form deeper, more meaningful relationships through emotionally-intelligent communications and gifts. Thoughtful templates and fun tools make it easy to create, schedule, and send decades of sentiments for birthdays, anniversaries, life events or just because moments. Its mission is to help make the world a happier place—one wish at a time.

Lifetime Wishes was recently named to Feedspot’s list of Top 75 Happiness Blogs.  Its expansive product roadmap includes plans for a mobile app, advanced calendar-scheduling, content and e-commerce partnerships, recurring short and long-term delivery of digital and tangible personalized greeting cards and gifts, personal document sharing, video biography templates, digital-cemetery services, money transfer services over a recipient’s lifetime and geolocation services.

As Founder and CEO, Jennifer Uhll is leveraging her first startup, Juhll Online Marketing Agency, to bring Lifetime Wishes to market.  Since 2005, Juhll has helped dozens of enterprise brands and startups boost ROI through world-class marketing and product strategy, research, planning, development and execution.  Clients have ranged from Amazon, eHarmony and Disney to MasterCard, ADP, LendingTree and most recently – the new, trusted, go-to resource for ‘all things financial’ platform.